Xavi talks to Joan Vilà, his 'footballing father', in an interview with Go Up Players

In a talk prior to signing for Barça, the Barça coach explained everything he is now implementing.

Xavi spoke to Joan Vilà, his 'footballing father' and coach in the youth teams, and thanked him for everything he had taught him:"He changed my footballing life. When you get to the first team you realise how much you've learnt. They asked you for concepts that were not new to me". Among many compliments, Xavi explained to him during the talk for Go Up Players that he had also relied on him to be a coach.

During the conversation they go over many moments they have lived together, but above all they talk a lot about football and how they understand it. So you can see the Barça coach's way of looking at the sport, how he applies all his knowledge and what details he works on on a daily basis.

Individualised training

A concept that he reiterates on several occasions and considers fundamental: "The importance of individualised training. We coaches have to talk to them alone more. There are videos that help us to help the players grow a lot".

Team play

In the talk, which took place while Xavi was still coaching in Qatar, he stressed the importance of making the players aware of the need to fight for the group and not individually.

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"It changed my footballing life".

Xavi Hernández

Xavi Hernández

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